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Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of school jitters...

Ahhh the first day of school. I don't care if you're 5, 10, or 15 - the first day of school as I remember it, was always full of excitement and apprehension. It is certainly no less so today. Both RAD and ODD head back to school today and I think RAD is more excited about it than ODD. RAD wasn't looking forward to school because her and her boyfriend had broken up and she didn't want to "face (boyfriend) and (case worker)". Not sure why she had a problem facing her case worker at her school, but she seemed more apprehensive about that than facing the boyfriend she just broke up with. Regardless, it appears she has made up with the boyfriend.

ODD on the other hand doesn't seem to be taking the return to school well at all. At the end of last year most (if not all) of her friends turned on her and she spent much of the summer alone. I did double check and neither of the girls she dislikes the most will be in her homeroom so she's happy about that. But after her grades plummeted last year from A's to a C average, we're looking at getting her into some better after school tutoring. Usually it's RAD who has trouble with transitions and that may come up over the next week or two (especially since she just returned from grandmas yesterday), but I guess if our kids were totally predictable we wouldn't be having so much fun, right?

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