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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preemptive Strike

With most RADs, unstructured time is quite possibly the biggest threat to a caretakers sanity, and Summer always presents a huge challenge. So with my RADs Day Treatment Center out for the Summer, we have had to create structure for 4 weeks. Not an easy task unless you have a ton of money you can throw around, which we don't. So we got her into a summer camp for kids with mental health issues, but even with that there is a full week of nothing. So we're sending her to the Boys and Girls club and crossing our fingers. Of course, having ones fingers crossed doesn't really stop the RAD from creating chaos and havoc anywhere she can, so we have to try and stay 2 steps ahead at all costs.

Enter CPS. I have always had a dislike for their agency. The caseworkers I met seemed to always view us parents as the problem, and totally believed RADs stories (she's NOT being "tortured" at home folks!!) but after 8 referrals in 4 years or so, we have finally gotten a decent caseworker who I really like. She took the time to look past the reports and get to know us and the RAD through interviews with us, RADs doctors, nurses and caseworkers in addition to the people at the Day Treatment Center. And the best part? She knows about RAD!! She actually "gets it".

So, running under the assumption that the staff at the Boys and Girls club are mandated reporters, I contacted our CPS caseworker to let her know RAD will be starting there. She was going to close our case but we decided to keep it open - not because there is any worry about abuse but because this way if anybody DOES file a report with CPS it will go directly to her and not somebody else unfamiliar with the situation. She will also contact the director at the B&G Club directly.

And next week, when RAD starts the summer camp, we'll do it all over again. A pain? Yeah, big time.. but as RAD parents, we have to always stay 2 steps ahead or we'll get trampled under the lies and "do-gooders". I've been there - it's no fun.

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