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Monday, July 11, 2011

When 2 hours feels like 6....

Well this weekend was definitely an adventure. Saturday evening we took the dogs to the park near our house. It's not a large park, but it's not small either. We first took them to the dog run where they ran and played a bit while ODD and RAD played with the other dogs. Wife and I decided to walk around a bit so we called the dogs and both daughters knew we were leaving and saw which direction we were going. As a little background, we have had problems in the past with ODD and RAD taking off and just going to the playground without telling us and we have gone over and over with them how they need to stay within earshot so that when we're ready to leave we don't have to go looking for them. About a week ago we couldn't find them so we left and went home (it's probably one of the safer neighborhoods in SF so we were comfortable with them finding their way home). It's only about 10 blocks and they eventually showed up after realizing we were gone. Of course it was our fault that we had left, not theirs that they had gone out of range, but that's how they think. So anyway, we slowly sauntered around the park and lake before heading towards the car. We looked and called for the girls but couldn't find them, and I even went back to the dog run to see if they were still there. They weren't. So we left.

As we were leaving, we stopped by the playground to see if they were there and they weren't so we continued on home. 30 minutes passed and we started looking out the window for them.. then an hour passed and they still weren't home so I decided to go back to the park to look for them. Didn't see them on the streets heading home so I started to get worried. The park is about 6 blocks long and I pulled in about the middle to see if they were at the card shack (where we had seen some teenage boys earlier) and saw RAD leaning against the wall with ODD standing behind her. I had to drive another block to find a parking spot and when I went back over there I guess they had seen the car because they were right there. And they were angry. They said they had been looking for us this whole time... really? They noticed the car was gone and didn't realize we had left? They also claimed that, even though we knew at least 4 or 5 people at the dog run, they never once thought about borrowing a phone to call us. Hmmmmmm.... they *always* borrow phones to call... something didn't seem right. Got them home and separated them to ask them what happened. Different story from each one of course, so the best we can figure is RAD thought one of the teenage boys was cute, ODD convinced her to go flirt with him. So they hung out with these boys, showing off for them. RAD is really tall for her age (5'11") and when she "shows off" she acts like a 10 year old which can be pretty embarrassing. Then ODD somehow talked RAD into asking this boy for his phone number. We're pretty sketchy about what happened next, but the boys left and next time we go to the park, it won't be the dogs on the leashes....

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  1. sounds like it's time for arm's length supervision when they are at the park...I tell my daughter "thanks for letting me know you need help with this" when she does things like that...sure is a difficult situation