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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long time since last post

I can't believe it has been April since my last post here.  That doesn't mean everything has suddenly gotten better, or that there is nothing to write about, simply that I haven't had time.  Some of it has to do with non-RAD related things (such as work..), but some of it IS RAD/ODD related.  We are looking to transition our oldest over to a mainstream HS within the next year.  Possibly as early as Fall on a limited basis.  This, of course, brings great stress to all involved in her care.  Of course the biggest stress is her lack of active participation in her own care.  Nothing can be done without her cooperation, so things tend to move slowly.  Unless it's something she wants of course - then watch how fast she moves! 

The big concern about the transition (at least for us) is the stress this will put her under.  She already doesn't deal well with stress, often resorting to cutting as her way of controlling it.  Putting her under the stress of moving to a new school where she won't have all the support, and will be among her peers is going to be heavy.  It's hard enough for any teen to move into a new place, with new people, but for one with such issues, both self-esteem and others, it's that much harder.  I'm sure she will give us plenty to write about, plenty to discuss, and certainly plenty to worry about.  But for now, we're just taking it day by day and enjoying the recent lull in over-the-top behavior. 

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