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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break Confusion

Day two of spring break and something strange is happening.  We decided this week would be a good time to give our daughter the freedom to show how responsible she can be.  We agreed that she could go hang out at the teen center (my wife would even drive her there) and spend time with her friends.  We weren't going to let her take her insulin, but we definitely wanted to work towards that.  We figured she would jump at the chance to be free.  To be a "regular" teen that can just go hang out and do stuff.  She IS 16 after all.

But we were wrong.

For two days now, she has shown no interest in hanging out with her friends, or going anywhere.  She actually prefers to hang out with her step mom.  Yes, the very step mom she claims doesn't give her any freedom.  The evil step mom that is so mean and horrible.  The step mom that just a year ago she had detailed plans on how to kill. 

They really do get along great when it's just the two of them.  They usually do.  But I figured she would be all over our offer to let her go prove her independence.  After all, she keeps telling us she's ready.  So why wouldn't she take advantage of the situation?

Could it be that deep down she doesn't feel she's ready?  Or is it a more conscious decision to keep herself out of temptations way?  She had applied for a few jobs and was hoping to start working this week, but none of those have panned out.  So she hangs out with step mom, helping with the bills and the budget, planning meals, helping with the shopping.  All by choice.

I sometimes wonder if I'll EVER understand women!

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