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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New therapists... can we all get on the same page?

Two down, one to go.  Doctors that is.  Yesterday was the diabetes doctor for my oldest, then at night a new therapist for the youngest.  She just might work - I like some of her ideas, and the fact that she has Been There, Done That as far as raising a RAD doesn't hurt either.  She has seen first hand how chaotic it can be and how it can affect everybody around them.  I like that about her.  She did seem almost more interested in the older daughter though, which isn't a good sign.  Granted, it's the whole dynamic that needs work, not just one person, but this is supposed to be about the younger and her anger issues.  I can't disagree though that some of those issues are directly related to the behavior of the oldest.

So the wife and I spent 90 minutes just scratching the surface of things.  It's going to be more money we don't really have, but we can't let her anger and bitterness continue to fester and we've done everything we can think of to help her and we aren't getting very far. 

This morning though, well... I'm not looking forward to it.  More time spent with Mr Smarmy and his buddy who think they know everything about how to help my daughter even though they know nothing about diabetes and are only focused on the one aspect of her.  Her diabetes doctor has said he's going to pull her out of there if they don't start focusing on her emotional and eating issues.  He's concerned that her complexity is just too much for their "strength based program" (as they like to brag about it) and they just aren't going to make enough progress letting her "lead the way".  I mentioned that in passing to them yesterday morning when I scheduled the appointment with them (I can't believe it either - we had an appointment with them before the Christmas break, I requested to meet with them a second time while on break and they asked me if such and such a date/time would work, I said no but these times would.. never heard back from them until I chased them down at the school yesterday) - that we were wondering if this school was therapeutic enough for her.  They, of course, were shocked that I would say something like that.  But I really don't know if it's the right fit - I guess we'll know soon enough.

Speaking of soon enough.. time to get the girls up and begin the day!

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